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Sara Arnalds works often explore human interaction with the surrounding environment, as well as traces of moods and memories carried by physical objects removed from their original context. She creates scenes where themes and subjects often include man-made structural leftovers or other human interference with the landscape. The resulting images are landscapes and projections on the border between reality and fiction.

Curriculum Vitae:

Sara Arnald
Born 1974 in Sweden. Lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden and Berlin, Germany


Stockholm School of Photography 2006-2008
M.Sc.E.E Chalmers University of Technology 1994-2000

Solo exhibitions
Konstforum, Norrköping,  set to March-April 2011
KG52, Stockholm, Sweden 2010
galleri ikon, Stockholm, Sweden 2009

Group exhibitions
Planket, Tidal Wave, Stockholm, Sweden 2010
Galleri Ikon, finis/ineo, Stockholm, Sweden 2008
Galleri Dobre, Together, Stockholm, Sweden 2007
XpoSeptember, Stockholm, Sweden 2006

Represented by Swedish Photography in Berlin, Germany.

Member of Scanpix Bildhuset.
Image editor for Aiolos Magazine
Photography/digital image editing teacher at Fotoskolan Sthlm and GFU/Folkuniversitetet.
Board member of The Swedish Association of Professional Photografers (SFF, Svenska Fotografers Förbund).

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