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The photographic work “Carried away” is truly Janus-like. It has two faces. Eventually it will become a classic work, a finished work, polished, carefully selected and balanced. This is the traditional face of a work of art. But in “Carried away” there is also that other face, the under normal circumstances carefully hidden face, the not always so pretty face of creation. It is the face of a work in progress.

The followers of the continuously growing blog “Carried away” will meet a work in search of its own boundaries. It starts out with a simple but double desire, on the one hand the desire to get away, to leave the security and repetitions of everyday life, on the other hand the desire to really discover something new, to expand the field of experience, and, in the long run, to discover a new way of looking at the world. “Carried away” is carried by this double desire: the restless urge to get away, to simply move, and the quest for a new vision, sharper eyes, a more attentive gaze.

As a follower of “Carried away” you are invited into the artist’s workshop, into the creative mind from the first trembling, unsecure moments to the finished work. You will be able to follow the artistic journey from beginning to end, and when you – in one medium or the other – are confronted with the complete work “Carried away”, you will hopefully feel that you have been part of the creative process.

Arne Dahl


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