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Carried Away is an art project by photographer Sara Arnald that will develop over time from 20 December 2010 until 25 February 2011. It will start out as a photoblog, but will after travels through Southeast Asia and Australia be presented as an exhibition.

The Carried Away project deals with an undefined feeling of restlessness, an always present wanderlust. It’s an ongoing search that creates  an “archive” of feelings and experiences.

Sara Arnald works mainly in the field of conceptual photography, but she has over a few years been photoblogging on The blog has been an outlet for images outside projects and series. “This new project is a completely new way for me to work, requiring me to let go of planning and control. I will instead need to act on a series of impulses”, says Sara Arnald. “I will be travelling through areas with difficult weather conditions and therefore I need sturdy, reliable equipment. But I still need good technical quality, and I found the perfect partner in Phase One. I’ve been using their equipment in a number of previous projects, but never for blog pictures – it may seem like overkill to use such a grand camera for online purposes. But as I plan to make large prints of the images later, I just need top quality.”

Jan H. Christiansen, Phase One Marketing Director says: “We have chosen to support Sara’s project, as it is truly contemporary and relevant. The project also shows that Phase One’s camera systems can be used to create fantastic images outside the studio.”

Carried Away will be active from 20 December 2010 until 25 February 2011 at the following address:

This project is a collaboration between Sara Arnald and Phase One. Sara travels with the following equipment: an advanced camera system from Phase One: 645DF with P40+ digital back and three lenses: Schneider Kreuznach LS 80mm f/2.8, Schneider Kreuznach LS 55mm f/2.8, and AF 35mm f/3.5. All images are created using Capture One 6. More technical information:

For more information, contact:

Sara Arnald
Skype: sara.arnald

Press Contact Phase One:

Kathy Madison
Arcand & Madison Public Relations
Cambridge, MA
Phone +1 781-259-1764

Press images:

Finally there (© Sara Arnald 2010)

Untitled (© Sara Arnald 2010)

Thank you!

Thank you  Phase One and Martin Widén at Network Innovation for support, thank you Tomas at Procenter Stockholm for additional logistics.
Thank you Network Innovation and Crumpler for the bags in which this heavy gear is a joy to carry.


The project will be featured in the next issue of Swedish photography magazine Kamera&Bild

The project is now featured at the website of the image agency Scanpix Bildhuset as well as a customer project at distributor Network Innovation.

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